. First impression is critical. Wear your best business suit and be nicely groomed.

2. Take  3+ copies of your resume in a nice portfolio or folder.

3. Be on time and/or arrive 10-15 mins. early to fill out the employment application.

4. Nice firm handshake during the introduction with eye contact and a smile. J

5. Eye contact during the interview (do not look to the ground or around the room.)

6. Keep every topic of conversation very positive. Do not discuss any negatives about past employers, employment or colleagues, etc. ONLY POSITIVES SHOULD BE DISCUSSED.

7. Show interest in the actual job description which we have provided to you and not what you would like to be doing in the future, unless the interviewer asks specifically what you would like to achieve in the future. Emphasize what you can bring to the company and not what the company can give you. i.e. Your LOYALTY, STABILITY AND TECHNICAL SKILLS AND/OR MANAGEMENT SKILLS, ETC.

8. Let the interviewer know that you are interested in growing with the company and becoming an asset to them.

9. Do not make money your motivating force. Express interest in the opportunity, not the money. If asked what salary or hourly rate you are looking for, let them know what you are currently earning. Let them know that you are interested in the opportunity and the total package of what the position offers. If you are pressured into giving a number, ask that they talk about money issues with your recruiter. TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT BY INDICATING A TOO LOW OR TOO HIGH SALARY.

10. Do not ask questions about benefits unless you are talking with Human Resources. Address benefit questions to me and I will be happy to provide that information to you.

11. Let the interviewer know that you are a quick learner and that loyalty and dedication is one of your best assets.

12. Listen more and talk less. Smile while you talk. Listening skills are key to a successful interview. Do not interrupt during the conversation. Take a breath before you answer a question.


14. Enthusiasm and positivity are key components! These are personality traits that companies look for in an idea candidate.

15. Be courteous (do not interrupt a conversation)

16. Lastly, shake hands and thank the interviewer for their time. Eye contact and smiles, one again.


1. Speak highly of your technical or management skills. (What you do not know, let them know that you are capable and willing to do what it takes to learn it.)
2. Be pleasant, easy to get along with.
3. Remember, personality is just as important as your technical skills.
4. TEAM PLAYER – Willingness to be part of a team.
5. Be prepared
a. Review the company’s website
b. Take a list of questions with you (feel free to review the questions with me beforehand)


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