Differences and changes between oracle E-Business Suite 11i

Changes at Database Level:
Database Version in 11i (11.5.9 & 11.5.10) was 9i Rel 2 where as in Release 12 its
10g R2 (
o Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM)
o Objects are classified by object type and access patterns
o Transaction tables, Transaction indexes, Reference/SEED, Interface, Summary
Management, Archive, No Logging, Queue, Media, Temporary, Undo, System
o Uniform extents, locally managed, less fragmentation.
o Total = 12 Tablespaces (11i: 400+)
o Better Performance
o PL/SQL operation 2x faster
o PL/SQL Native Compilation

Benefits of INST_TOP
1) Clear distinction between the location of data, code, and configuration files.
2) Configuration and log files are centrally contained in the instance configuration home.
3) Ability to share code (Applications, Technology Stack) among multiple instances.
4) Collection of configuration, logs is much easier since they are centrally located.
5) Can split ownership of apps and technology stack file systems.
6) Ability to place the configuration home on a Network or a local file system for
performance improvement.

Components differences in Application Tier
A) HTTP Server or Web Server in R12 is Version 10.1.3 which is built on Apache
version 1.3.34. In apps 11i it is Version built on Apache Version 1.3.19
B) JServ in apps 11i is replaced by OC4J (mod_jserv is replaced by mod_OC4J)
C) Forms Version 6i in Apps 11i is replaced by Forms in R12
D) Reports Version 6i in Apps 11i is replaced by Reports in R12
E) JDBC version is changed from version 9 in apps 11i to version 10.2.0 in Apps
F) modplsql or mod_pls is removed from Apps R12
G) Java processes use JDK / JRE version 1.5.0 in R12 against JDK Version 1.3.1 or
1.4.2 in Apps 11i

  1. Ulises Villa
    September 20, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    Is there any change related to user management, assigning permissions, etc?


  2. ursvenkat
    September 20, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Hey. Thanks you for asking the answer is Yes. If you see the release from R12 we can have Application readonly access.


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